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Easy to use, practical tools to help your team work smarter

Blended and e-learning for managers and teams


Working Smarter provides significant benefit:

x2 more effective
people from 31% to 64%



92% people benefit

after trying the tools

57% increase in engaged people


Working Smarter increases the net promoter score by 39 points (from -12 to +27). NPS reflects how likely a person is to recommend their place to work as a good place to work. Completing this training helps people feel better about their workplace.  The tools have been tried and tested with universities, local authorities, businesses and charities. 92% of people who take the training say these tools have helped them.

Your team already work hard, now they can learn to work smarter


Working Smarter teaches practical tools that have a measurable impact on the way your people work.

They become more effective, more productive and more focused.


Participants experience a reduction in anxiety, feel more in control of their work and more engaged in what they do.


Working smarter is for managers, teams and organisations concerned about:

  • Feeling more in control of their work.

  • Making space for the important stuff.

  • Feeling confident and engaged.

  • Becoming more effective

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Why Working Smarter?

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Tried and tested tools

Engagement goes up


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Measurable impact

Alleviates burnout


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Scalable delivery

What People Say

It is probably the most direct/upfront piece of training I’ve ever seen and for that reason, it is very refreshing and hard to forget.

Organisational Development Manager, UCL

At the Office

Find the course that's right for your team

Dozens of practical tools and ideas organised into four modules. Accessed through workshops, webinars or self-guided and supported elearning:

1. Creating The Right Mindset
Tools to help you have better conversations and feel more in control of your work. Including using Circle of Influence to maintain a good mindset.


2. Creating Space For Important Work

How to get systematic in the way you manage your work, set boundaries and say no. How to minimise the impact of email and other channels on your productivity.


3. Make Email Work For You With Inbox Zero

Empty your inbox and keep it that way, save time and reduce anxiety.


4. Prioritising The Right Things

Tools for prioritising effectively, get on top of your current workload and use your calendar to keep focused on your most important work.

Working Smarter tools are trusted by

At the Office

Delivery options

Talk to us about affordable, scalable solutions adapted to your needs:

  • Self-guided fully accessible e-learning - hosted on your LMS or ours

  • E-learning + clinics -  accountability and customisation through group clinics

  • Blended - live webinars, e-learning, clinics and 1:1 options

Ask us about communications support to enable and encourage user uptake.

Then Somehow

Working Smarter is a Then Somehow tool kit. Then Somehow specialises in designing tools that help make work better. 

  • Expert trainers

  • Unrivalled experience 

  • Measurable impact

  • Practical, easy to use tools

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Then Somehow
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