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If you or your team are overwhelmed by your workload and struggle to find time to get to your real work or the important stuff, you are not alone. People at all levels experience similar feelings. Yet you can do something about it. In just a few hours we'll show you how to get back in control.

The Impact

Learning to work smarter has significant benefits

Completing this training helps you feel better about your work and your workplace.  The tools and techniques have all been tried and tested with universities, local authorities, businesses and charities. 92% of people say these tools have helped them.

Work Smarter

Discover practical tools that have a measurable impact on the way you work.

Become more effective, more productive and more focused. Experience a reduction in anxiety, feel more in control of your work and more engaged in what you do.

Working smarter is for managers, teams and organisations concerned about:

• Feeling more in control
• Making space for the important stuff
• Feeling confident and engaged
• Becoming more effective

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Work smarter, stress less, sleep well

What customers say:

Hits the mark!

Andie Bennett, Head of Learning and Development, UCL

Congratulations, you’re hitting the mark!

Very informative and inspiring!

Caroline Jones-Williams, AkzoNobel

Excellent course, very informative and provides the tools/downloads to do your own session with colleagues. It has inspired me to share the course content with my managers and host sessions with my peers at work

Amazing course!

Aliece Tanzini, ENI

This course was amazing and I loved all the options of how to complete it. The tools and strategies offered will be beneficial to my every day work. Thank you!!


Elna Steyn, Innofin Wealth

Helped me concentrate on what I have influence over

A great framework!

Martin Bishop, Dementia UK

It's given me a great framework to work with

Everyone is more active now

Dimitria Geleva, Kezerk

Everyone is more active now, we each have a commitment to work on and went to understand, discuss and resolve the issue in depth with this workshop.

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