Learn how to overcome the challenges of a large inbox

  • Crush email productivity

    Inboxes with thousands of emails are stressful and distracting

  • Try something different

    Break 'bad' email habits and work in a more intentional way

Why inbox zero is one of the best things you can learn

Inbox Zero is simple, quick and powerful in its ability to make your experience of work better.

Large inboxes containing thousands of emails are stressful and unwieldy. Whilst each new email that comes in can distract you from more important work, if you let it.

The aim of this module is that you try something different and in so doing, break 'bad' email habits to work in a more deliberate way. At the end we set you a challenge to try it for a week and see the difference it makes.
get better at email

What's included

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  • Explanatory guides

  • Downloadable pdf

Course curriculum

    1. Get Better at Email

    2. Get Better at Email - Start Here

About this course

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  • powerful techniques you can apply immediately

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