Learn how to say no so that you can do the work you had planned to do

  • Do more of the work you want

    Cut down the amount of reactive work you do by learning how to say no in the right way.

  • Say no without causing problems

    Learn the 6 ways to say no that make saying no easier and less scary

Learn the most effective ways to say no

Many of us are overloaded with too much to do. And yet many people hate saying no to new tasks and work requests that come in, because we're either scared to say it, or because we want to be helpful.

If you did say no more often you would have more time to do the work that you want to do and that is important. That would make your life a lot less stressful.

This course shows you 6 simple but powerful techniques for saying no that make it feel easier to do, that are actually helpful, and do not cause offence!
get better at prioritising

What's included

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    1. Get Better at Saying No

    2. Get Better at Saying No - Start Here

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