Learn how to create more space in your week so that you can do the work you plan to do

  • Learn how to protect your time

    Protect space for the important things, for time to think and for your wellbeing.

  • Do more of the work you want

    Make time to do what is important. Avoid overwhelm from admin and reactivity.

Why setting boundaries is a good thing to do

There is never enough time in a week to do the work you want to do, so you have to make choices. If you do not you might let people down. This can leave you feeling terrible and trying even harder to do everything.

The reality is the busier you get the less time you have for thinking or planning, which leads to being even more reactive.

Then you can waste time and energy doing things that aren’t important.

If you do not want to feel out of control, learn how to set some boundaries and protect time for things that matter.
get better at setting boundaries

What's included

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